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Get Educated! Welcome to this blog and on this page I would like to expose you to an awesome bitcoin opportunity in three simple parts. And by the way, everyone succeeds with this bitcoin opportunity!

Part 1 – What Is Bitcoin?
Part 2 – How To Open A Free Blockchain Wallet and Buy Some Bitcoin
Part 3 – Opportunity To Earn 1% Daily On Your Bitcoin

Part 1 – What Is Bitcoin?
I explain, the ‘basics’ for joining an opportunity that does not require you to sponsor or refer anyone, so this is important to first understanding what ‘bitcoin’ is.

All the videos on this page can be viewed full-screen by clicking the full-screen icon on the bottom right of each video after you click the ‘play’ icon!

1. What is Bitcoin? (v2)

2. The Blockchain explained

3. Explaining Bitcoin in 2017

(click the image above to view video of Roger Ver)

Ready For The Next Step? Of Course You Are!

Part 2 – How To Open A FREE Blockchain Wallet and Buy Some Bitcoin

Now, after watching those three videos on bitcoin I was ready to take action and get some bitcoin myself. You can scroll down and check out the amazing opportunity near the bottom of this page, but you will want to return here to create your free Blockchain wallet (i.e. your ‘bank’ that will hold your bitcoins). And on this page below are the instructions to do just that.

First you will open a ‘digital wallet’ since bitcoins are not physical coins, but digital currency that you need to store securely. And one of the best ‘wallets’ is provided by Blockchain.info. Click here to go to Blockchain.info and open your free Blockchain account.

Now, opening a Blockchain wallet is 100% free and there aren’t any fees at all, ever! So it is worth opening a wallet, even today!

But the most important aspect is to SECURE your account and take the time to properly generate the 12-word passphrase that becomes your backup method to get into your account, because they will NOT send you a password reminder if you forget your password. Let me say that again. If you misplace, forget, or otherwise improperly enter your password, Blockchain will not send you a reminder, reset your password, or provide a link to create another one. Period!

So knowing that beforehand, it becomes paramount to follow the steps to PRINT OUT the 12-word passphrase, your email, password and wallet ID before you put any bitcoins in your wallet.

And I’ve known two people that were casual and careless about these steps and lost their access to their account and now it is impossible for them to retrieve their bitcoins. It’s like taking some small gold coins and throwing them overboard into the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. You know where they are, but you just can’t get them 36,000 feet below the ocean’s surface. Only with bitcoin, they are predicted to substantially grow in value so the ~$10 you might lose in a wallet could easily become worth hundreds of thousands, or more…and that is when you will feel sick to your stomach for being so careless.

So giving you my advice now, is better than hearing that you can get in after you’ve locked yourself out. Watch the video below and follow the simple steps and make sure you print out the 12-word passphrase, your email, password and wallet ID before you put any bitcoins in your wallet.

(Sorry for the weird ‘blips’ in this recording!)

This video below is the same steps but he shows the steps much faster. For those that are really good at creating accounts on websites, this video could be better for you to watch and finish the quickest.

Opening a Blockchain account (he shows the procedure in much faster steps but he fails to emphasize the need to PRINT out the 12-word passphrase). Make sure you PRINT out your email used, wallet ID and 12-word phrase onto the Recovery.pdf Blockchain supplies for you to print and put in a safe place! And DO NOT SAVE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER because there is no way to get a password reminder from Blockchain if you lose your login info and then have a problem logging in!

Next is buying your bitcoins and there is an option to just use a credit card to get your ‘bitcoin package(s),’ but I will explain here how to buy bitcoins.

There are many websites to purchase bitcoin and from my experience Coinbase.com and LocalBitcoins.com are great places to use. If you live in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, you might want to consider getting $100 (or the equivalent in your currency) and receiving an extra $10 in bitcoin when you join Coinbase. If you want to get $100 in bitcoin you may have a link in the email you were sent and you will get an extra $10 in bitcoin when you buy $100 USD (or the equivalent).

Watch the video below so you know what to expect.
Go to Coinbase.com
Go to LocalBitcoins.com

If you’re new to Coinbase and would like to buy $100 / £100 of bitcoin from Coinbase and get an extra $10 bonus, click here. (You need to buy exactly $100 or £100 of bitcoin including their fees.)

I also recommend CoinMama.com as I bought 1.5 bitcoins from them using my credit card within an hour! Use the link below to get started and I will provide a ‘how-to’ video soon! You need to provide a photo of your government-issued ID and I needed to call my credit card and have them verify my purchase with them on the phone, but it was quick otherwise. You can also become an affiliate of CoinMama and get 15% referrals on every purchase you refer.

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Part 3 – Opportunity To Earn 1% Daily On Your Bitcoin

Now the last step is just joining this proven bitcoin opportunity that does not require any recruiting. You can easily earn 1% daily from your bitcoin, over 140% in 140 days, without any effort on your part, and yes, this is open to every country in the world ! You will need €50, or roughly $56 USD, to begin earning on your capital. Again, you will earn 1% daily on your bitcoin, and if you choose to rebuy more bitcoin with your growing ‘Available Balance, you can ‘compound’ your earnings, like the good ol’ days of interest-earning savings accounts, and earn over 400% in a year! Watch this video and then join below! It’s 100% FREE to Join and create an account!

Refer to the email I have sent you with my joining link. I have a dozen people that have joined me at various levels in my first week and all are earning 1% daily on their bitcoins and many are compounding their returns for higher returns! Come and visit me in this private Facebook group and ask me and my team any questions. Bitcoin Opportunity with Chase Swift on Facebook.

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