How Do I Get a Google Phone Number For Free

Google Voice is an awesome service for those that physically live in the United States. It is not available outside of the United States.

Basically Google Voice provides you with a phone number that can be ‘linked’ to multiple other phone numbers. So you could get a Google Voice number and add your cell phone number, your home number, and you work number. So it is one number that anyone can reach you with, rather than having to call you with three different numbers.

This is very handy for home business owners and for families with teens or younger children. In both cases it would be nice to give out one phone number that when called, will ring all your other phone numbers at the same time.

I have used Google Voice for my home businesses and it is just wonderful.

So if you live in the United States, I would look into getting a Google Voice number.

Watch this video on YouTube for more information:

You can also call anywhere in the United States and Canada for free, using either the Google Voice app or from your computer or tablet. It is really nice if you want to call someone without using your other phones if you’re expecting other calls.

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