How To Delete Bookmarks On Google Chrome

Deleting bookmarks is an easy way to clean up your Google Chrome browser to have a better web browsing experience!

After some time the bookmarks you once made are probably no longer going to be of interest. Clearing this up can lead to a more efficient browsing experience. This tutorial will show you how to delete bookmarks on the Google Chrome browser.

Watch this video:

You can right-click on any bookmarks as I demonstrate or use the Bookmarks Manager.

Step # 1 — Opening Bookmarks Manager

First off, start Google Chrome. You will see an icon in the top right hand corner that looks like three vertical bars, click on it. Then navigate to “Bookmarks” and then click on “Bookmark manager”.

Step # 2 — Deleting an Individual Bookmark

“Bookmark manager” will open in the tab and you will be presented with all of the bookmarks that you have created. To delete a bookmark, right click on it and in the menu that appears click the “Delete” option. That is how to delete bookmarks on google chrome individually.

Step # 3 — Deleting Multiple Bookmarks

Deleting several bookmarks at once is a very similar process. Hold down the “Control” key on your keyboard then click all of the bookmarks that you want to remove. Let go of the “Control” key and right click on any one of the selected bookmarks. Click “Delete.”

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  1. Organizing your bookmarks is an important aspect of keeping your web browsing experience enjoyable. Hope this helps when you want to delete your bookmarks on Chrome!

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