How To Open A Free Blockchain Wallet

Welcome to my blog and on this page I would like to explain How To Open A Free Blockchain Wallet!

Now, after learning about bitcoin I was ready to take action and get some bitcoin myself. And on this page are the instructions to do just that.

First you will open a ‘digital wallet’ since bitcoins are not physical coins, but digital currency that you need to store securely. And one of the best ‘wallets’ is provided Click here to go to and open your free Blockchain account.

Now, opening a Blockchain wallet is 100% free and there aren’t any fees at all, ever! So it is worth opening a wallet, even today!

But the most important aspect is to SECURE your account and take the time to properly generate the 12-word passphrase that becomes your backup method to get into your account, because they will NOT send you a password reminder if you forget your password. Let me say that again. If you misplace, forget, or otherwise improperly enter your password, Blockchain will not send you a reminder, reset your password, or provide a link to create another one. Period!

So knowing that beforehand, it becomes paramount to follow the steps to PRINT OUT the 12-word passphrase, your email, password and wallet ID before you put any bitcoins in your wallet.

And I’ve known two people that were careless about these steps and lost their access to their account and now it is impossible for them to retrieve their bitcoins. It’s like taking some small gold coins and throwing them overboard into the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. You know where they are, you just can’t get them 36,000 feet below the surface. Only with bitcoin, they are predicted to substantially grow in value so the ~$10 you might lose in a wallet could easily become worth hundreds of thousands, or more…

So giving you my advice now, is better than hearing that you can get in after you’ve locked yourself out. Watch the video below and follow the simple steps and make sure you print out the 12-word passphrase, your email, password and wallet ID before you put any bitcoins in your wallet.

This video below is the same steps but he shows it much faster. For those that are really good at creating accounts on websites, this video could be better for you to watch and finish quickest.

Opening a Blockchain account (he shows the procedure in much faster steps but he fails to emphasize the need to PRINT out the 12-word passphrase). Make sure you PRINT out your email used, wallet ID and 12-word phrase onto the Recovery.pdf Blockchain supplies for you to print and put in a safe place! And DO NOT SAVE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER because there is no way to get a password reminder from Blockchain if you lose your login info and then have a problem logging in!

Now promise me that you will not skip any steps in this process and that you will PRINT OUT your 12-word passphrase and store it safely and/or give it to your loved ones so that they can get access to your blockchain wallet it something should happen to you…

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