How To Record Video On Chromebook

Chromebooks do not come with a pre-installed app for recording video. Search the Chrome Web Store for apps that can record video with your Chromebook webcam. You may be required to grant individual apps permission to access your webcam.

You can also use YouTube to record video and it is free. In my demonstration video I use YouTube ‘live streaming’ which is also known as a ‘Google Hangout’ to record my video.

Watch the YouTube video here:

Another easy site to use would be Screencast-O-Matic. Or you can now record web cam videos and record Facebook Live videos!

I personally record video to help people with questions, but I also record video to promote and help people succeed with an Internet business from home.

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Below you will undoubtably see some excited partners of mine sharing their thoughts.

See you on the ‘inside!’

7 Replies to “How To Record Video On Chromebook”

  1. Thanks Chase! I think I will try these solutions you provided here. I have been wanting to try screencast-o-matic and think I will give it a shot soon.

  2. Thanks for the great info Chase. I had no idea there were three free ways to make videos. I appreciate your video.

  3. I actually use all of these for different projects, and like all of them. The best part of all of them is that they are all FREE!

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