How to Record Your Computer Screen Mac with Sound

In this video I show how to use QuickTime Player on your Mac to record your screen and sound from your built-in microphone or headset.

Watch as I explain in this YouTube video:

Retro Naut asked on my video: for some reason, when I record gaming videos, there is no sound of the video game! could you help me? thanks 🙂

This shows how to record the audio your computer generates by Chris Breen and MacWorld.

If you don’t mind spending $99, Screenflow for Mac, is a great program that will record all sound from you and your Mac. Screenflow is what I used for the recording on YouTube.

Screenflow for Mac

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5 Replies to “How to Record Your Computer Screen Mac with Sound”

  1. Hey Chase, you make things look so easy! I have been using computers for years too, but not everything looks as easy on my screen as on yours 🙂 Great information as always, thanks. I will stay tuned.

  2. Your video was easy to watch and understand, Chase.
    I don’t own a MAC. Does quicktime work on non-MAC computers?
    Is it free on a non-Mac? thanks in advance!

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