How To Use Google Voice For Business

Google Voice is a free Google service that adds a phone number and additional features to your current plan.

It’s about helping people stay in touch with each other…and getting more out of your existing services.

You keep your current number. Your phone plan and number stay the same.

Google Voice simply adds a layer of features to your current services that make your phone number more powerful!

Feature #1: Your Google Voice number can forward calls to any of your other numbers.

Feature #2: You can make free calls in the United States and to Canada. You can also send free text messages.

You can make calls from your Google Voice back office, the Google Voice mobile app, and Gmail

Feature #3: Custom voicemail greetings based on the person calling you. You could setup English and Spanish messages for example and create customer groups that would hear the exact message they need to hear..

Feature #4: Voicemails are transferred to text and sent to you via text message.

Feature #5: Google Voice is fully integrated with Gmail.

Sign up for free at

If you like you can watch this video on YouTube:

Personally I use Google Voice for my home based business and it is wonderful!

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Below you will undoubtably see some excited partners of mine sharing their thoughts.

See you on the ‘inside!’

4 Replies to “How To Use Google Voice For Business”

  1. Thank you for sharing the features of Google Voice. I wasn’t aware of Google Voice. It is something that I will get and integrate to use for my home-based business. Thank you for showing this to me!

  2. Thanks for the information about How To Use Google Voice For Business. I plan to apply for this free Google service.

  3. Really nice video. Lots of great features to google voice that might be worth giving it a try especially for my business.

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