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Years ago I became interested in wildlife photography and met a photographer that told me, ‘If you get good enough, your photos can sell over and over and over again…’

Well ever since that meeting, I have dedicated significant time to learn how to sell my photos. And while skills can be learned on how to take great images, you can also learn how to sell your images online.

One such site is I have been an independent ‘contract’ photographer with them since 2004, and while I don’t have enough photographs to earn a living with iStockPhoto, I still make regular sales and just need more images to increase my income.

That said, I would encourage anyone that is interested to watch my video.

And by the way, working with is free, although the competition is pretty fierce these days with a huge amount of photographers and images that iStockPhoto tends to be fairly picky, so submit only your very best work!

And should you want to make extra income watching and learning from my YouTube videos, I would encourage you to look into how this would work for you, as I am able to help anyone, no matter where they live.

Click below to learn how to partner with me and continue to learn and earn visiting my blog and watching my videos!

So if you are looking for a predictable, residual, leveraged income click below and I will explain some options to you.

It’s a definite win-win! We need you and we believe you really need us! Click on the banner above for more details!

Below you will undoubtably see some excited partners of mine sharing their thoughts.

See you on the ‘inside!’

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  1. Really enjoyed the video I did not realize that you could actually sell images online. This has been very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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