Traffic Launch And Google Hangout

The purpose of this blog is to post articles that answer commonly asked questions on Google and to also provide YouTube videos of the answers as well.

These blog posts will link to the videos and the videos will link to this blog.

And at the end of the videos I will reference to the possibility of viewers considering a way that we use to earn extra money on the Internet.

Since my videos are based on common phrases, they are commonly found at the top of YouTube and even on the first page of Google.

As an example, my best video is the top video for the keyword ‘Google Voice Tutorial.’

That video,, has 380,970 views in two years, as of today, or roughly gets around 200,000 views a year.

That is a lot of traffic and it gets watched because it really answers a common need and question that people ask. And at the end I casually mention that if any viewers wish to learn more about how to earn a secondary income from home, they can click on the link in the description of the video.

And now, interested viewers will land on this blog and will be able to click on the banners that lead them to the specific information that they are looking for.

So on February 6, 2017, I am formally launching my traffic from my ‘Five Free Tools‘ channel on YouTube to this blog. That channel gets ~1,500 views per day. Another channel I plan to refer all of my traffic from my ‘Apple Mac How To‘ channel that gets another ~1,500 views per day and has 424,895 views as of today.

My newest channel, Something Very Cool, will also be devoted to generating traffic to my team! And of course, I appreciate any and all likes, comments and subscribers to those channels!

In the last 2 years I have generated thousands of leads and customers and business partners, so this ‘announcement’ is really nothing new for me. It is to my regular viewers however.

But I am going to provide all my YouTube traffic to my growing global business team and the value anyone can provide is to ‘Like,’ comment and subscribe to my videos, as much as they can, even daily.

For doing that, I return will distribute 100% of all business leads to my active team members so that they do not have to ‘recruit’ or devote any time or energy recruiting, unless they want to.

This has made the possibility of earning income online much more possible for those that have not been able to do so in the past.

So we’re going to ‘Hangout’ and I’ll share what I have done in the past and what I plan to do in the future.

Anyone who wishes can check out the opportunities I offer to see if they ‘match’ with what they are looking for in predictable, residual, leveraged income.

It’s a definite win-win! We really need you and you really need us! Click on the banner below for more details!

Below you will undoubtably see some excited partners of mine sharing their thoughts.

See you on the ‘inside!’