What Are Autoresponder Letters And How To Use Them

Written by Brian Rooney, CEO of TrafficWave.net.

How To Use Autoresponder Letters: What are they? How do we use them?

A lot of people I have worked with over the years struggle with some confusion on what exactly to do with their autoresponder letters. Some still don’t know exactly what they are used for.

In this post, I am going to talk about autoresponder letters and some of the ways you can use them to drive traffic and sales. If you want to learn more about ‘TrafficWave for Profit,’ the system and team created by Chase Swift, watch this video on YouTube:

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What Is An Autoresponder?
I don’t want to leave anybody out, so let’s start with a definition of what an autoresponder is.

An autoresponder is, simply put, a system which will deliver a set of pre-written messages over time to people who request them.

Don’t make it any more complicated than that. You start by sitting down and writing a series of autoresponder letters in advance. You then set these letters up in your email autoresponder system and you define a schedule for them. The schedule is defined by the number of days after the subscriber requested your information. So, for example, if you wanted to send a welcome email, then a message every 7 days automatically, then your autoresponder schedule would be 0, 7, 14, 21… and so on. Day 0 is the day the person subscribes, then 7 days later they get the next message… then 7 days after that they get the next one. And so on.

You can still send broadcast ‘instant’ emails to your list any time you like, but the main function of an autoresponder is for sending pre-written emails sent on a pre-determined schedule.

How To Use AutoResponder Letters
That covers the basics. So, now let’s look at how to use autoresponder letters to really help your business grow.

1) – Introduce new subscribers to your best blog posts.
One of the big issues with blogs is that once a blog post has been around a while, it can get buried back there in the archives. Some of us have some of our best writing back in the old blog archives.

One of the first things you want to do with any new email subscriber is to build the relationship with them. Deliver some real value. One excellent way to do that is to use your autoresponder letters to highlight some of your best blog posts to them.

This allows you to blend promotional content with relationship building content.

2) – Learn what your subscribers want.
The first message of your autoresponder series could ask people what their biggest challenges are. When people reply to that message, you will receive those replies directly in your email inbox.

This gives you a birds eye view to see what your subscribers need and want so that you can provide it.

3) – Run promotional campaigns.
Whenever people run a promotion of some kind to make sales, it usually involves a series of emails. Think through the emails you get from your favorite stores, restaurants, etc… Usually, those emails are being sent manually and in real-time during the course of the promotional period.

Who says you can’t set up a series of letters in your autoresponder to do the same thing?


You can run special offers and other campaigns to your list via your autoresponder. In this case, people will receive these messages based on when they subscribe. Not everybody will be seeing it at the same time.

This is actually a pretty smart thing to do because it can lead to more consistent revenue rather than depending on a one-hit promo for your business.

4) – Deliver training to your team.
You can use your autoresponder to deliver any training course over time. Whether the training is free or something people have paid for, you can deliver it via email.

I use this system to send training to my Affiliates and Customers on a regular basis.

5) – Replay past successful promos.
Have you ever had a promotion act went really well for you? When it was done, did you stop? Why not set that same campaign up as an ‘evergreen’ promotion and allow it to run repeatedly in your autoresponder?

6) – Upselling
When somebody buys something from you, put them in to a separate buyer’s list. You can run an autoresponder series to that buyer’s list to let them know about additional products. These subscribers are more likely to buy from you again if you have built a solid reputation of providing quality. People buy from people they trust.

7) – Showcasing
No matter what kind of business you run, I hope you see and agree that you MUST be building your email list.

Any and every business should learn how to use autoresponder letters to build business. Here are some example:

Let’s say you are a pool company. Your web site offers some sort of advice guide on what people need to know about building a pool. Over time, you deliver (via your autoresponder) case studies of some of the past pool projects you have done for other people. By doing this you will be positioning your company as the “go to” source for your prospect whenever they decide to pull the trigger and have a pool built.

If you are an entertainer, you should be building your list of fans. These folks will want to know where and when you are performing next.

Next Step: Take Action!
These are 7 simple ideas that can all be used just as they are or modified in exciting ways to make things interesting.

If you have any other experiences or ideas for how to use autoresponder letters that you’ve done or seen, post them as a comment below.

From this point forward, it is all about taking action. So…

If you already have an autoresponder at your fingertips, then begin implementing one of these ideas … then another … and another.

If you don’t yet have an autoresponder yet, stop on by TrafficWave.net. I highly recommend you take full advantage of it and put these tips to use in your business!

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See you on the ‘inside!’

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