What Is The Difference Between A Bank Check And A Cashier’s Check

There are a couple different kinds of checks and sometimes there is some confusion as to what is the difference between a bank check and a cashier’s check?

Simply stated, a cashier’s check is a check that banks issue and guarantee. One has to provide the necessary funds to the bank, such as cash or if the recipient has a checking or savings account that is used to pay for the check.

The advantages of a cashier’s check is the funds are guaranteed to clear when the check is cashed.

A bank check is simply a check that banks issue to someone with a checking account.

The person giving the check payment has to have the funds in their account, but it is quite possible that there are not enough funds available when the check is cashed, which is bad for the person cashing the check.

The disadvantage of a bank check is that the funds are not always guaranteed.

Here is a video that explains it as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PItEDXQO5iY

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  1. Very interesting, didn’t really realize there was a difference between the two types of checks. I especially love making money while clicking, and commenting on these youtube videos.

  2. Instead of googling something I am going to call it chasing something. If I need good information I come here to get it.

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